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Kaddy Richston thought she had escaped her destiny.

She was wrong. 

On tour with her bandmates, Kaddy does her best to blend in and hide her freak status, but being the drummer in an up-and-coming band doesn’t exactly help keep who she really is hidden.

She didn’t think she’d need Cole Huntington as much as she does, but the more involved she becomes with him, the faster the consequences catch up to them. Navigating a dangerous world as the people she was running from close in on her, Kaddy is faced with difficult decisions to embrace her destiny.

With everything she knows hanging in the balance, being chosen is nothing she expected it to be and taking chances just might spell the end for everything and everyone she loves. As two worlds diverge on her, Kaddy is thrown into the middle of it all and she’s the only one that can stop the devastation or encourage the world’s destruction.

Taking chances has a whole new definition.