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The Ariadne Connection by Sara Stamey

Guess what came out today! It's currently sitting on my nightstand for great late night reading and I can't wait until I can take some time off to keep on reading!

It's The Ariadne Connection by Sara Stamey! I will have a review up soon--once I finish it! So far, its been a total page turner, I just always run out time! It's Sci-Fi and has a great mystery opening and hooks you in! It's getting some great press already. 

The Ariadne Connection, a thriller set in the Greek islands. Technology triggers a deadly new plague. Can a healer find the cure?

The Ariadne Connection has earned the CYGNUS Award, First in Category — now in the running for the Grand Prize. 

“Pulses with admirable energy.”- William Dietrich, New York Times bestselling author. Well said Mr. Dietrich! I can't wait to finish it! In the meantime, here are is a link to Sara's website and check out that cover!

Sara’s novels published by Berkley/Putnam of New York received praise from Publishers Weekly and a “Best New Novelists” listing from Locus. Her recent novel Islands was a Foreword Book of the Year finalist. A new ebook edition of Islands was released in 2014 from Book View Cafe publishing. In March 2015, BVC published in print & ebook her new novel The Ariadne Connection, A CYGNUS Award Winner.Senior Instructor of Creative Writing at Western Washington University, Sara also offers professional editing services as a “book doctor.” She received her M.A. in English and Writing from WWU.  Her diverse background also includes teaching scuba diving in the Caribbean, operating a nuclear reactor, backpacking around Greece, South America, and New Zealand, and owning a farm in Southern Chile.

Sounds snazzy right? Check out her other novel, Islands and more!