Pretty Little Liars and Book Nerd Things

So not only has cuddle time with my cat caused me to get behind on blogging, so has Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I totally got hooked on that show no thanks to my best friend. She and I have been waiting for the season finale that premieres on the 24th. I doubt we will find out who the big A is, which will be disappointing. I hope if they don't reveal, they best leave us a super big and obvious clue! Waiting for season 6 will be forever! I've got a lot of A theories but we shall see if any of them are right on Tuesday!

Anyway, enough about Pretty Little Liars. Meanwhile, I'm sure (or I hope!) you read the post about Flightless Bird coming out as a second edition on the four year anniversary this June. If you haven't read it, I suggest you scroll down. The second editions will be awesome! I'm reviewing edits for them now and things are really looking fabulous. :) June is the magic month! Flightless Bird comes out and Pretty Little Liars starts again. 

Oh, right. I'm done gushing about PLL for the moment. Moving on....

But seriously, who is A?

Theories and TV show obsessions aside, CHANCES is still underway too! For those of you eagerly awaiting that sequel. There is A LOT going on behind the scenes right now and hopefully I will get to share that exciting behind-the-scenes stuff soon! Most of it is obviously book nerd related, but exciting nevertheless. :)

Stay tuned! Also stay tuned for PLL and maybe they will actually reveal who A is....

Back to the writing cave!