Writing Tip #1

Hey, hey all! What's good? Any of you find a good fictional boyfriend for you Valentine's two weeks back? I hope some of you had a good time with Gregory or Cole! Maybe Damon or Mike too. So many to choose from and not enough time to read all the books that need to be read!

Meanwhile, the first few chapters hit the editors desk. First draft edits are always the hardest but I'm looking forward to getting started on the second draft. Here's a piece of writing advice: a first draft of anything you write is never perfect. Sometimes it takes 10 drafts or 25 until you can work it into the best work it can be. Sometimes even taking a break from what you're writing, or any other project, and coming back to it later can be really beneficial. You might even see things in a new light or get new ideas! Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

Speaking of writing, I thought of a new story idea. At this rate I think I have about a million ideas to write about. First things first though, Timeless Sky and CHANCES. Eeeekk!! It's so much fun to write these and I can't wait to keep writing my new ideas. It's too bad I can't sit for 24 hours straight and write non-stop! Things like eating, sleeping, and making more tea sort of get in the way.

On a side note, thanks for all the 'likes' for the last post! Aren't the little hearts drifting everywhere neat? It's fun to watch!  Anyway, I've got lots of reading and writing to catch up on, back to the writing cave!