Spooky Weather time!

I feel like I say this every year but where did the summer go? I didn’t nearly as much reading done as I wanted to! I was able to soak up the sun after a nice hefty dose of SPF 95 cause I do not mess with sunburn!

October is upon us starting tomorrow, basically the best month of year for reasons that involve crispy leaves, copious amounts of hot tea, warm sweaters, and spooky weather! What better way to kick off the month than Flightless Bird being FREE this weekend? 😃


What if I also told you, the ENTIRE Flightless Bird series is discounted this weekend? Yes, you read that right! Flightless Bird will be FREE all weekend and Broken Wings, Fair Feathered, and Timeless Sky will drop to only $0.99!! What a better way than to cozy up with some good books this weekend? The books will be on sale on Kindle only so you better scoop them up before it’s too late! Spread the word too!

While we’re here, a few updates here for you:

-Flightless Bird is FREE 10/4-10/6 🎉📚

-Flightless Bird series is DISCOUNTED to $0.99 Friday-Sunday (10/4-10/6) 📚🎉

-CHOICES has a synopsis! (Head on over to the page here to read all about it! Cover reveal coming VERY soon…) 👍

In the meantime, happy autumn an enjoy a nice cup of tea!

Oct Free Day (1).png