Hello 2019

Happy new year! The holidays came and went and naturally, fall was a whirlwind for me. Now that we are in 2019, it’s time to get cracking on a few things! As mentioned before, the Flightless Bird series is getting a face lift and there will be new covers! Yay! It’s taken so long because my team and I, well we like to have the holidays off. So from November to December, not much was getting done as we spent time with our families. Now we’re back on track in January. I’ll be releasing the covers one at time, just to make it a little bit of a teaser surprise! They’ve really turned out beautiful and I’m looking forward to sharing them! 😃

I’ll be adding some fun stuff here on the website too soon. Everything is going on so fast and I have to remember one thing at a time! I’ve come to really enjoy Book Bub and the recommendations it gives me! You can follow me on Book Bub to also keep up with upcoming novels, pre-orders, and really neat book recs from me. I’m still kind of new to using it, but so far, it’s been awesome. Lots of great deals on there!

To wrap up this post, I have a lot things ready to go for 2019. In 2018, I worked my ass off and going into this new year, I know it will be filled with more great things. 🙌 Back to the writing cave it is!