Timeless Sky Hiccup...

Believe me when I say, I do not like writing this blog post: Timeless Sky might be out a little later than anticipated. It's been in my editors hands for last minute edits and fixes, to make it the best it can be of course! It's also bad timing since she's right in the middle of moving as well. 

Before you are drastically disappointed, I wanted to share with you that Timeless Sky will still be coming out in August, but instead of the 3rd, we've decided the end of month. I'm hesitant to release a certain day until I know my editor has formally wrapped the finer things she's working on. 

My publisher has given the switch a green light, my editor will be badass and wrap her edits up, and I will be here sharing all the excitement with you. In the weeks leading up to Timeless Sky, there is still more good news: the series is getting a makeover! I will be releasing the new cover for each book. I like things that match, so it's super exciting to be redoing these so they compliment each other even more. 

There were several reasons for the books needing new covers and I'm happy to say, the new covers look awesome!

Thanks for always showing patience when things happen outside of my control. Timeless Sky will be out...I'm ready more than anyone for this book to be out and done! It's been a long time coming for Timeless Sky to be released.