Goal Writing

I've really gotten into goal writing these last few weeks. I've got a goal book and everything to write my ideas and things to do. I write down what I want, and need, to accomplish for the month! One of today's goals was to write a blog post, so here I am. I find writing things out helps keep my mind organized in the chaos. I've even started writing challenges to myself: write in a new cafe, assign a writing prompt of the day, or write as much as I can in 20 minutes. Obviously some days are more productive than others but it's good to keep a fresh perspective on creativity. 

The winter and early spring months are hardest for me to get my writing done. I think it has to do with the weather. One would think being inside all day would motivate me to vigorously write but, the gloomy cold makes it harder. I hope all these April showers end soon so there can be some sunny weather! Plus, I can stop going outside and having to wear 5 coats just to sustain body heat. 

Case in point, doing some goal writing has really helped me. It's keeping me motivated to focus on writing and the things I want to get done. Plus, it helps that I've got some great support around me, so the extra cheering on is just a bonus.