UK Adventures & Book Nerd Team Updates!

I'm back, by popular demand and by that I mean, these past two months have been nothing short of a whirlwind of edits and traveling and stuff...let me bring you up to speed:

-Say hello to my 2 newest Book Nerd Team members: Triscuitt and Amanda. You might have noticed that Triscuitt has been posting on here lately. She helps me blog and is an up and coming writer! Her real name is Tristin but it's way cooler to call her Triscuitt. She's an awesome person! I only the coolest of the cool be on the Book Nerd Team. LOL :-)

Next is Amanda. She's fabulous too! She helps with more of the behind the scenes stuff. I'm sure you'll see her now and then. :-)

-About 36 hours ago, I got off a ridiculously long flight from London. It was so worth it though! My trip was amazing. London was MASSIVE. I could have spent an entire week in the British Museum alone. I also went to Scotland and I just have to say, both countries were a trip of a lifetime. I could have done without the freezing weather but words can't express how much fun I had. I posted a ton of pics of my trip on my Instagram. Ch-ch-check it out!

PLUS one of the best parts was that I got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. All I can say is OH. MY. CAT GODS. It was literally nothing short of phenomenal. The acting and magic that made it all come together left me speechless. I wanted to stay and watch it 10 more times. It was mesmerizing! It really brought out my Harry Potter geek side. In fact, I was basically one big nerd the whole trip. So much history and so much Harry Potter. The trip of a lifetime. 

-I guess I better stop writing this so I can finish those final edits for Chances, huh? Oh yeah, that's coming out soon. :D