NO SASS 2016

Hey all! I know I’ve been in my hibernation mode since my last post but spring is really here now and I’ve been a busy bee! Lots of things going on behind the scenes with me and my Book Nerd Team. We’ve been flooded with orders and we’re trying to remodel the jewelry so we can get some better pictures posted on the website. Just trying to increase your shopping experience! Lots of tech stuff goes into it too so bear with us as we try to link and code magical things!

As you may have seen, or not seen, I am no longer able to attend the SASS 16 event in Norfolk, Virginia this year. I was pretty bummed about it but worry not! I’ll still be hitting up some west coast events come summer and fall, so I’ll be there to sign and of course, geek out over books with you.

In that light, since summer is on its way, there are several things that I am looking forward to and one of them being total relaxation and focused on writing. I have some really solid plot twists I’ve been working on and I can’t wait for Timeless Sky to be out! Stay tuned. After all this time, we are almost there with this book!