Did you read that title?! I HAVE A NEWSLETTER.

Okay, so it's not actually that exciting but I'm excited about it. I'm sure you're thinking, "Another newsletter? Do book nerds even have time for this?" The answer is yes. All the yes because my newsletter is the coolest on the block. Maybe not literally but it is pretty damn nifty if you ask me. 

Reasons for you to sign up:


(The fantastic officially fun):
-first scoop on news like, events, cover reveals, & release dates
-updates on blog
-reading recommendations ('cause you all know I wouldn't recommend it, if it wasn't book nerd approved)
-exclusive character content (guess you'll have to sign up to see what it is, huh?)
-basically everything cool
-also, my cat might make an appearance
-and of course, writing advice!

Now if that doesn't seem too cool for school, (no seriously, STAY IN SCHOOL you are not too cool to quit), then you're surely missing out! Subscribe buttons are floating around the site. Find one and sign up to join the herd of book nerds! :D