Fairy Tale Writing Tips & Gelato

I love how ridiculously chic this gelato looks. Nevertheless, it was delicious. Torrone flavored (aka almonds and honey). Just when I thought the sun wasn't going to break through the clouds, it did and it was an occasion to get some gelato with my too-awesome-for-words cousin. (Seriously, I'm not sure if she knows how cool she is!)

Meanwhile, aside from not-writing and gelato, did any of you try the fairy tale writing exercise I posted about? It's actually really fun! Believe me, you have to try it. Fairy tales are more difficult to write than you think. So if you're stuck, here are some tips:

1. Characters in fairy tales are all flat. Yes, they can have 1 major personality trait and that's it. For example, if a character is greedy, then leave it at that. Their only dimensions are greed. Now you notice, right? Fairy tales aren't mean to create well rounded and transforming characters. They're meant to be flat which totally goes against every writing class I took in college.

2. Now take a break. Eat some gelato. This fairy tale stuff is taxing.

3. Back to work. All fairy tales have some form of magic that just is. You don't have to explain why or how the magic works, it's a fairy tale so it just does. Oh, there's a witch who can cast spells? Great. That's the only explanation you need.

4. Fairy tales are not based in the same logic that we typically think stories have. Talking animals? Awesome! Realistically, that's not logical and in a typically developed story, there needs to be an explanation. For example, Little Red Riding Hood goes into the woods and talks to a wolf before heading to her grandma's house where the wolf has eaten her grandma. In the original stories, the wolf swallows grandma whole and Little Red is a moron and doesn't immediately recognize it's the wolf in her grandma's bed (depending on which version you read). Totally illogical yet still logical because it's a fairy tale.

Go forth, write and have fun! Who knows what fairy tales you'll come up with.