Flightless Bird Update!

Wait, it's April already? Spring is officially underway! The saying: April showers bring May flowers...yeah no. How about we skip the whole rain thing and go right to the sunshine?

Despite all weather logic, I'm here to remind you to mark your calenders because in case you've forgotten, Flightless Bird is coming out THIS JUNE!!! It's the re-release and it's going to amazing, fantastic, and time-travel worthy that I don't know who isn't going to be reading it! Alright, maybe that's just me getting a little bit excited there but really. The editing behind this one has been a blast and revisiting these characters from the first book makes me somewhat nostalgic. Now it makes the edits for Timeless Sky even harder. Why? Because it's the last book! The adventures of Livy and Gregory are coming to a close. 

Nevertheless, I hope you're on a countdown for the new edition of Flightless Bird. JUNE 2015. Don't forget it! Actual release day will be revealed soon. Stay tuned. :-)

Meanwhile, I must get back to the writing cave. I have many surprises in store!