Fictional Characters & Hot Dates

Ooh it's Valentine's Day this weekend and you know what that means? 

Nothing. It's an over-romanticized holiday but hey, if you want to get romantic with your significant other, go forth!  If you want to spread the love for your favorite author (aka me...?) give this post a like at the bottom and watch little hearts appear. I didn't make that but it's a pretty nifty thing, isn't it? 

On the brightside, if you don't have a date, you could make one with Gregory (gentleman, time-traveler, generally awesome...) and pick up Flightless Bird or Cole, if you prefer crazy-winged, book nerds who make you part of the team, maybe CHOSEN is the book for you. We can't forget everyone's favorites: bad boy Damon (Broken Wings) and funny guy Mike (CHOSEN)!  Those boys always bring the laughs. ;-)

Speaking of said fictional characters, I will be a busy bee writing away! I've got some new character's up my sleeve that I'm ready to write about! Not to mention some scenes with Livy and Gregory that are nothing short of crazy. Writing this last book has been an adventure in itself. Timeless Sky is well underway and full of surprises!

If you've seen it on social media, I've been hinting at some BIG surprises I have in store. I will announce them soon...very soon! It's just waiting for the right time. So stay tuned! :)