Wow. I have definitely been slacking on the blog posts this fall! I swear, when all the holidays come it's like a million things to do all at once. Going to get back to blogging every Friday so you'll always stay updated!

As of late, I've been working on sending out the newsletter! So many of you fabulous people have been signing up and I'm looking forward to sharing all kinds of book nerdy things with you. Together, us book nerds can unite!

Most importantly though....MOCKINGJAY PART 2 IS COMING OUT THIS WEEKEND. I am legit so freaking excited I can't say it without having a dance party for one and cheering at how excited I am! I'm also sad of course, since that means it's the end of an amazing series of books. Just know that I will forever ship Katniss and Peeta! Everlark feels times a million. <3 I'M NOT READY FOR IT TO BE OVER! :(

Anyway...I'm trying to control my inner fangirl. Hehe I can't wait to see it and discuss!

I've been working away at a TON of edits, way too many that I'm going a little crazy. I just remind myself that all these edits are worth it since the book will be that much more AWESOME. Stay tuned (as usual...things work a little slow around here sometimes!)

Have a great week!