Creativity and Fro-Yo, Yo!

Day 14 of 2015 and it's too damn cold outside. I'm hoping spring this year is going to be early! Too bad that groundhog never seems to be right about anything. I also never truly understood the point of that holiday. We stare at a groundhog's shadow to tell us if spring will be early or late? Seems legit. Though, I think now they do it more out of tradition than for accuracy.

Burrowing animals aside, I wanted to share 3 things that have been inspiring me lately and not just in the writing sense. Maybe these will inspire you too to go forth and conquer creativity.

1. Taylor Swift's new album, 1989. It's catchy, it's fancy, and really has a great groove. Jamming to some T-Swift has helped get the dreary days started and has even provided some new tunes to listen to while in the writing cave!

2. Flash fiction. I've been doing some small writing exercises of up to 250 words and its really packed a punch to the writer's block! Just quick, short, and first draft works of fiction to get the creative vibes going. I'd recommend it!

3. Frozen yogurt. For the longest time I was anti-fro-yo because I thought it could never be better than real ice cream. Turns out, that stuff ain't half bad....if they have the good flavors in stock. When in doubt, get some fro-yo.

What are 3 things inspiring you this week? Answer that question and eat some fro-yo or ice cream or whatever is in your freezer. Maybe even eat a cheesecake.