Sumner Signing

On August 1st and 2nd, I was in this fun little town called Sumner and I was a part of the Arts Festival! It was so neat and I owe huge thanks to the bookstore located just down on Main Street for hosting me! The bookstore of awesome is called A Good Book Cafe and if you click on it, it would be super awesome if you checked out their Facebook a 'like' and even went to go visit! It's a very unique and chic bookstore and all the ladies that work there are so wonderful!

A Good Book Cafe is a new and used bookstore and guess what else? They're on Indie Bound! Check them out!

Not even to mention the fact that everyone who works there is absolutely awesome! The whole staff, Evelyn, Jessica, and Paige were there while I was and they are such wonderful book nerds! Book nerds of the world unite! :-) 

Stop by and say hi! Copies of all my books are available there and I even left some nifty author merch, pins and bookmarks! Go check it out! I would appreciate it and I know everyone at the bookstore would too. :)

Major shout-outs to everyone who came and visited me and the bookstore. I LOVED meeting each and every one of you and signing books, and even if you didn't pick up a copy, I really enjoyed chatting with all of you and glad you at least took a bookmark or a pin!! You are all rock stars to me and I appreciate you all being book nerds right along with me. :-)

This post if just full of smiley faces! Let's keep on smiling and enjoying this wonderful summer!