Post UtopYA 2014

I know it has taken me much too long to write up a fabulous post about UtopYA 2014 this year. The alien theme was super awesome and the founder, Janet Wallace, has yet again done such a brilliant job with putting on a great convention. 

This was my second year attending and quite frankly, there were a lot more highs and lows this year but not necessarily in a bad way. There were a ton more people and it was awesome meeting them all and making new connections, I love that part. It's such a blast! I also loved seeing some of my old friends, like Nancy Straight, Tiffany King, Shana from A Book Vacation, Heather Love (Javalotta), my penpal Michelle N Files, and Hollie Westring. Plus so many more! I will give some shout-outs through this post. 

Bam! Shout-out to Kayla, Becca, Kika, and Maria (The Paisley Reader). It was so awesome meeting you and I'm so glad we all took some epic selfies!!

It was really fun sharing a table too this year, it was really fantastic and Michelle made all the lights and decorations. She was epic! Without her I know our table would have been way less cool. 

I was so excited to learn next years theme too, it's TIME TRAVEL!! Which is awesome because as you know the Flightless Bird series is about time travel! How perfect!! Goodness, I can't wait to see how next year's theme goes. :)

UtopYA 2014 was fun and interesting this year with some highs and lows but Janet Wallace and her team have done a brilliant job in making it work for the better.