#UtopYA2014 Here I Come!

Whhhattttt! I can't believe that UtopYA has returned for another year and I will be there with a signing table, speaking on the editing panel, AND hanging out with the coolest nerd kids on the block. Basically, it's going to be an epic weekend of fangirling and having tons of fun.

If you have any questions for the editing panel, leave a comment on this post and hopefully we'll answer them. All panels will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube so you can see if your question will be answered. You might be asking, what could I know about editing as an author? Trust me, I know a ton. I am in love with words and you know what that means? I'm a ninja at grammatical structure and copy editing. I'm an English major...we tend to be nerds and know all there is to know about words and their structure. Ha.

If you will be coming to UtopYA then bring your questions then! Author and editor, Hollie Westring will be moderating the panel and not to mention that there will be chocolate. If that doesn't make you want to come, then I don't know what will! But stop on by and say hi!

At the convention I will also be at Table 21 in Area 51! The con is alien themed this year in case you missed the memo. I will be sharing a table with fellow authors: Michelle N. Files, Hollie Westring, and Devyn Dawson! Our table is EPIC! I will post pics for those of you who are going to miss it. 

And not to mention I will get to see all my reader, bloggers, and generally awesome friends at the convention! Shout out to Heather (Javalotta), Shana from a Book Vacation, and Ren from a Little Bit of R&R, and this person and that person and so many people. 

Basically, it's seriously going to be one amazing weekend!! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to keep up with how #UtopYA2014 goes! Use that hashtag too!!

YAY!!! Let the book nerd festival commence!