Wow. I didn't realize that it's almost been a month since I last blogged. I was just so excited to share the UtopYA 2014 Nomination. Thank you to everyone who voted!! Voting ending May 16th but you can watch the award show stream live from on June 21st. Yay!! 

In other news, I'm officially (and finally) on Instagram. I didn't think to ever join since I'm not much of a picture taking kind of person, unless you count the copious amounts of pictures I take of my cat. So if you have an Instagram, go ahead and follow me at AuthorPaulinaUlrich. There's also the nifty little button I've added to the bottom of the page if you want to click on that too. 

Meanwhile, Timeless Sky is underway. I still can't believe it's coming out on May 30th! Who else is excited for the conclusion of this series? It will be hard to say goodbye to the characters but it's going to be an epic ending. Let the countdown begin! :)