Bloghopping Around...

I was asked to participate in some good ole' blogging fun and was tagged in this blog hop by Sara Stamey! Click on her name to check out her website and all her books, she's really fantastic! 

As part of this jazzy bloghop I have to answer 4 questions, so here it goes!

 #1: What am I working on?

Well, as usual I'm working on about 50 different projects and by 50 I mean 3. Most importantly I'm finishing up the final Flightless Bird book, Timeless Sky for it's release in May! I'm also working on book 2 in the Fighting Fate series, CHANCES. I still have that secret third project I'm working on but I'm not releasing the name just yet. CHANCES and Timeless Sky are my top priorities. 

#2: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I like to take basic ideas and twist them into my own way of thinking and writing. An example of this would be something like the paranormal genre. I enjoy writing magical realism with paranormal twists and turns but I spend copious amounts of time creating the worlds I imagine in my head with great detail. They always have their own spark of my own creative genius.

#3: Why do I write what I do?

I write what I do because I love it! Or that's the short answer to that question at least. I love writing magical realism, paranormal, a little romance, a little of everything. I guess it depends on my mood and what characters come to my mind but I just love to write no matter what!

#4: How does your writing process work?

My writing process is a little all over the board. I have to have some music on, my glass of iced tea nearby, typically my cat Juey as long as he isn't in the mood to lay on my keyboard, and I've got to be in the right mood. Once I get a an idea, I sit and flesh it out writing and re-writing it until I feel it's going to work for whatever part of the novel I'm working on. 

Now that I've answered the questions, I'm tagging authors Michelle N. Files, Hollie Westring, and Deirdra Jorgen!

Click their names to find out more about them! :-)