Kicking Off 2015 in Style

Day 2 of 2015 and it's awesome already. A new year and that means new adventures!

A friend of mine got me an amazing smelling candle but not just any candle, it's one of those wood wick ones. So when I'm writing in the quiet, I can hear it crackle. Ah, I love it. Sets the perfect writing mood! My fingers have been non-stop typing lately which is excellent. I don't think I've been this productive writing wise in so long! Feeling like a champ.

Not only do I have so much in store for writing goals this year, (you know, like releasing two much awaited sequels and a stand alone novel), I also have a few other things in store. Some book signings, Q&A, more blogging, and other fun stuff that I will reveal in due time. Just know that it's going to be an EPIC year!

I was stoked to say goodbye to 2014--I was done with that bullshit. 2014 had lots of great times but there were of course, the shitty times too. I'd say summed up, 2014 was a solid year of okay-ness. I know my 2015 is going to be rock solid awesomeness! :D

One of the first things I'm going to be doing is getting my newsletter stuff finalized so you all can sign up for exclusive content, news, and of course, writing tips. Maybe I'll throw in some nifty snack ideas too. Once I get that up, you'll see it on my site so be on the lookout! And if you're not on the lookout, then I'll make a button here too you can click.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to writing. Some epic stuff is happening in CHANCES with Kaddy. It's been awhile since I've had a teaser. Maybe that will be my next post....