It's the end of 2014...

It's been holiday cookie overload in my house. I've eaten way too many cookies but I guess that's what I get when I baked 100 of them last weekend. Even when I gave them away to friends, I still had too many. I've been having cookies for dessert for days now. Not that I'm complaining. :-)

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday! No matter what you celebrate, I hope you have an awesome holiday and lots of time to relax, and maybe eat some delicious food! With my down time I've been getting loads and loads of writing done and it's been amazing. I'm polishing up some scenes, doing some heavy editing, enjoying lots of iced tea, and the company of my cat, of course. Juey loves the fireplace despite him being a big fulffball. You'd think he'd get warm but nope! He's always curled up by the fire napping. I wish I could nap all day like a cat.

Since this is likely my last post of 2014, Happy New Year! I'm sure everyone is going to have their resolutions about working out or eating healthy or something along those lines. Whatever resolution you choose, stick to it! Even if it's just something small.

So happy holidays and happy new year! Enjoy!