Change is in the air

Pretty sure the title of this post makes that clear. If you haven't been on the social media nets in awhile, I've been logged off to really sit down and focus on finishing and polishing CHANCES up so it can be the best it can be! It's been amazing having a break from social media. It's just me in my writing cave with a glass of iced tea getting some serious writing done. 

In light of all of that, I've had lots of time to reconsider many things. Many, many, things. To be frank, I'm honestly over everyone's bullshit. Taking a break for myself to write and do what I need to, has been amazing and I've had the best time re-evaluating what's important to me in terms of writing.

Fall is the season of change and sometimes change is an absolutely wonderful thing. In good news, I've got two wonderful new editors backing my work and doing some much needed edits for me. These two ladies are nothing short of marvelous! :-) Shout-out to Sara and Hannah!

If you haven't noticed as well, I am no longer going to be at Penned Con 2015. It might sound like a bummer, but it wasn't working with my schedule any longer. I am always out having adventures so maybe I will make it to Penned Con another year.

Also, before I forget, CHANCES will no longer be coming out on Halloween. Since taking on new editors, we've had to accommodate different schedules and make it work. I know how sad you all must be, but fret not! More than likely CHANCES will be out at the end of the year. I'm not giving a specific date due to timing, but when it's all really ready to come out, it will. Thanks to everyone for bearing with me on this long journey. I promise the wait will be worth it!

Until then, I will probably post some teasers and such from the novel and fun tidbits about the characters. I'm making all you readers wait, leaving a surprise here or there is the least I can do! Thank you for your patience!

Being in my writing cave has been the best and I'm so happy with the story that I'm writing. Sometimes a writer has simply got to take a break from everyone so she can get a novel done the way it was meant to be written.