Winter Needs to be Done.


Snow is everywhere and honestly, winter needs to be over. I'm tired of the cold and the snow and the generally horrible weather. Spring is welcome to start now and winter can end. Ugh.

So meanwhile in the snow and below freezing weather, I've been writing and making cookies. I made a lot of cookies today. I'm all stocked up on that to get back to writing.

I've got a giveaway planned, a big giveaway! For those of you who have read Chosen know that Mike has his gray beanie that Kaddy always steals and wears. Well good news, as part of this giveaway a friend and I have knitted the same gray beanies as in the book! I will let you know when the giveaway is as we get closer because we have to finish knitting the hats. :-) And of course a copy of Chosen will be included. So stay tuned!

I wish i had more to blog about but I must go back to the writing cave! I just got another great idea and I have to write it down before I forget.