Weekend Sale of the Flightless Bird series!

So I hoped one of my new years resolutions would have been to do more blogging.


I'm still working on that.

But nevertheless I am blogging now so here are some updates.

CHANCES (the sequel to Chosen) is going well, got a few chapter done and then I always have to switch to Timeless Sky (the final novel in the Flightless Bird series) and I'm about halfway through that one. I am also working on this top secret third project for another story.

Am I over my head? Yeah, basically. I've got about a million ideas going on and no time to write all of them at once!

Though I wanted to remind everyone that starting THURSDAY the ENTIRE Flightless Bird series will be on sale for the weekend! Flightless Bird and Broken Wings will be FREE for a day each and Fair Feathered will be $0.99! January 16th-18th! Mark your calendars!

Spread the word because the sale doesn't get better than that! Especially when I've got the last and final Timeless Sky on the way!