Back to the Writing Cave!


Just had to shout that because I am sooooo excited. This week I have been so inspired to write that I can't stop. I have a serious lack of sleep because I am so busy writing Timeless Sky, Chances, and my third project which is technically still a secret. When I'm ready to announce it, you'll see it first on my blog here. It's one helluva story. Just sayin'. 

So much to write and so little time to write it all! I'll catch up on my sleep this weekend with a nap. But I am running out of iced tea...I've got to make more of that to keep me charged so I can keep writing!

I've even been neglecting Juey (my cat) his everyday cuddles and that's not a good thing. When I ignore him, he decides it's always best to attack my laptop and think he can munch on the corner of my screen. Cats these days. 

Anyway, just a quick update! I'm hoping that once I fix some scenes for Timeless Sky that I will post some teasers. I hope to have it released in May, definitely no later than June. So I have to buckle down and write away to meet that deadline! 

Back to the writing cave!