Whispers and Wishes by Hollie Westring!

Hey folks!

Wow, thanks so much for all the awesomeness that was Halloween this year. Chosen's release day was GREAT!! I hope all of you are enjoying it! I know I'm getting a kick out of hearing people say who is their favorite character. The top characters are Kaddy, Cole, Mike, and Gidson. So many favorites! It means a lot that you think they're so great. :-) I'm trying not to get sappy over here but really, your unwavering support has been so amazing.

I know wayyyy back in August I started talk about ugly sweater season. Well, it is officially ugly sweater season. November is where it's at!! I am so excited to be breaking out my one and only ugly sweater which quite frankly, I do find to be quite cute. Pictures of that are forthcoming! It has little black bows all over it. Just my style.

Okay, but let's get to the real important stuff on today's blog.

HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO HOLLIE WESTRING!!! Her debut novel, Whispers and Wishes came out today officially!!! I am so happy/proud/amazed that she has written such a fabulous novel! Truly! I loved every bit of it and I can't wait to read the sequel!! In fact, I think I will just share with you exactly how I feel in this video I made.

Well just kidding. The video won't upload. So meanwhile, as I'm having technical difficulties, I shall link you to where you can pick up this really fabulous read!! :D

Paperbacks and kindle copies are on Amazon! Click that nice link right there and you will have a chance to read such a brilliant book!!