Teaser Tuesday: Chosen Excerpt #4!!!!

It is that time. The time for the last Chosen excerpt before it's release in...

wait for it...


Holy chips and guacamole (As Gracie from the Flightless Bird series would say) I can't believe the time is finally here!! It seems like I've been waiting forever for this book to come out. Not to mention you all too. It's bound to be relieving that you will all soon be able to join in on Kaddy and Cole's adventures! Because they are epic. :-)

What else is epic? The Chosen Playlist which will be released tomorrow!! That way you can jam out to all the cool songs I listened to that helped me write Chosen. So much epicness is happening this week!

Without anymore chatter, here is the final excerpt from Chosen!

And don't forget Chosen will be out in 2 days. :D

“What are you trying to say?” The tension between us was like a live wire with a strong current running through him and me, electrifying the air.
          “Isn’t that what keeping secrets is all about? You never know what someone is capable of until one day you do.” Cole’s matter-of-fact philosophy was not sitting well with me. He made it sound like he knew me, knew me in a way I didn’t. I narrowed my eyes at him in response.
            “Yeah, okay.” I shrugged into my jacket and started zipping it up until it got snagged. Tugging on the zipper, I tried to fix it until Cole’s fingers replaced mine and he gently unhinged the fabric. He zipped my jacket until it was halfway up my chest, just how I always wore it. My heart skipped a beat as my pulse raced in my body. My hands wanted to twine themselves with his. Snap out of it, my brain commanded, but I couldn’t listen to it. It was like I forgot how to move, his gravity held me there.

Short and sweet. Can't wait for Halloween!