Teaser Tuesday: Chosen Excerpt #3!!!


I cannot believe there are only 9 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHOSEN.

Excuse me while I have a mini freak out session of excitement. You are welcome to join in my squealing sentiments if you wish.


Ahem. All right. Now that I have that out of my system for the next five minutes we can get back to chatting about how today is Teaser Tuesday! Again!

If you haven't caught up to the awesome that is Tuesdays on this blog then come join the fun. This is the 3rd excerpt from CHOSEN which, if you didn't already know, will be out in 9 days. On Halloween. In 9 days. Just saying.

Also, my house smells like banana bread because sometimes I like to make banana bread at very odd times of the day. After this post I am going to have myself a fresh slice!

Anyway...let's get back to the gist of this post. The most exciting part!! I am sooooooo excited times a gabillionjillion infinity for this book so I am happy to share with you excerpt #3!!! Here it is!

“You look well this evening,” Cole pointed out and shifted those damn sky-colored eyes to me, a smirk spreading across his features. For a moment my stomach had a burst of butterflies.
            “You look good too.” My tone was clipped as I tried to deflect his stares and tried to rid myself of the pesky nerves in my stomach. Then I realized what I had said. “I meant that you look well too, not good.” Cole looked really well, actually. His hair cascaded gently over one side of his forehead and as I peeked at him, my eyes traced down his neck and across his broad shoulders. His cotton shirt fitted him nicely, but once I caught sight of his strong arms, I swallowed down the metaphorical magnet that was drawing me to him. I knew it was my anxiety coming through, but I didn’t know him very well and just last week those arms had held me…they hadn’t hurt me.
            “Are you saying I don’t look good?” He chuckled and wandered over to a stack of CDs.
            “No, I was saying that you do, but I didn’t mean,” I stopped myself, feeling flustered. “Okay, anyway, Mr. Muller said he wanted to move the decade music against the left wall?” I put my head down to hide my pink cheeks and started lifting a huge box of nineties music. “Josh, can you grab the seventies?” I nodded at the box. Without asking, Cole grabbed the sixties and we rearranged the whole wall, right down to the last box that held the forties. Cole was reorganizing the CDs by alphabetical order when I noticed he still had the gash on the back of his hand that had been there when I saw him last.
            “What happened to your hand?” I finished the section of “H” artists. Josh was already scooting a table against the far wall.
             Cole paused. “Oh, I, um, a rock fell on it.”
             “Seriously? A rock?” I gave him a skeptical look.
             “I was out hiking and I was walking up a steep path when a rock slipped out of place and fell onto my hand, cutting it.” He didn’t look at me as he kept organizing.

BUH-BAM!!! Folks! Check it out!! What is happening? What is going on? What is the mystery?! Many, many questions I'm sure have risen but fear not. You'll have them all answered in 9 days.

Did I mention it was 9 days?

Okay I am going to stop and go eat my banana bread.