Teaser Tuesday: Chosen Excerpt #2!!


You see what I did with the title? Because it's the second excerpt, I put two exclamation points. Badass.

I am seriously SO FREAKING FLIPPING EFFING EXCITED that Chosen will be out in 16 days.

16. Days.

16 days.


Meanwhile, I'm busy over here trying to contain my excitement but as you can see it oozes out all over today's blog post.

Today is awesome for a number of reasons and I have listed them for you:

1. It is not Monday anymore.
2. It is one day closer to Friday.
3. It is one day closer to Chosen AND Halloween (which is basically one of the best holidays ever).
4. My cat got special kitty snacks today and when he's happy, I'm happy.
5. And because I'm releasing the second teaser today.

Now moving on! Please enjoy this excerpt of Chosen. It is quite the teaser today.

I narrowed my eyes. “What does that mean?”
            He chuckled, the only one finding this humorous. “If I really focus my hearing, I can hear your heartbeat.” Cole shut his book and set it on the desk, breaking eye contact with me and arranging everything into an organize stack.
            I wasn’t sure what to say but my heart skipped a beat, making me clear my throat as if I could hide it. “Yeah, well, I can hear yours too.” Casually, I leaned back in the chair, trying to downplay the lie I had just spilled.
            He stopped his organizing. “Oh, really?” His smirk grew as he turned his attention to me, standing from his chair.
            “Yep.” I challenged, trying to focus my hearing on him, seeing if I could really detect it. Cole drew nearer, both his hands coming down on either arm on the chair, trapping me in as he leaned towards me. Never once did I steal my eyes away from his. Despite my focus, I couldn’t hear his heart. The nearer he got, the more I lost my concentration and the butterflies flew in my stomach.
            “I presume you are here to have the rest of your questions answered?” He stopped, just inches away with a teasing glint in his eyes. “Or should we think of something else to do?”

Getting excited yet? 16 DAYS CHOSEN WILL BE HERE. :D

p.s. How many of you are sporting them fabulous ugly sweaters? It's that season to wear them proud!