Ugly Sweater Season-It's Time

It's time for them ugly sweaters folks.

Just kidding. That's not until November at least and then in December is ugly Christmas sweater time. But it's time to be back in my leather jacket and boots. Technically sweaters too, just not the ugly kind yet.

Scarves. If you live somewhere cold, always have lots of scarves.

Point is, it's getting darker out earlier and it's getting chilly. Time to stay warm! Unless you're south of the equator, then happy summer.

Hollie has sent me back edits of Chosen and this week I have been finalizing her suggestions and adding some scenes. This is back breaking work! Well maybe not in the physical sense but I have poured some serious blood, sweat, and tears into writing this novel. It has not been easy whatsoever. Sometimes your characters want to be stubborn and make it near impossible for you to write their story. Oh but I wrote it, even when the going got tough.

Just know, that after this weekend, it. will. be. DONE. After that, we just have the countdown until Halloween because that's when Chosen comes out! Woohoo! Halloween is going to be epic this year. Maybe I'll hand out my character's favorite candy! Though...they are quite particular so finding all that candy may not be worth it.

This blog post is short because I have to get back to those edits. I'm feeling the pressure!!